Startup Lowdown: Déjàmor

For Startup Lowdown’s very first interview, we were fortunate enough to speak with Rodrigo Fuentes, co-founder of Déjàmor. Déjàmor delivers monthly curated “recipes” to couples looking to enhance their romantic relationships. As a previous software engineer, IP lawyer, and entrepreneur, Rodrigo brings plenty of knowledge and know-how to his latest venture. Keep reading for Rodrigo’s take on Déjàmor, running a startup, and love.

StartupLowdown: Rodrigo, first off we’d like to thank you for taking the time to do this interview. To start, can you describe what Déjàmor is?

Rodrigo: Déjàmor helps couples express their love and affection through a series of romantic and intimate experiences delivered once a month. We solve the problem of cooling passions by delivering a care package for your relationship, which includes a recipe — complete with ingredients — to create unforgettable moments with your partner. 

StartupLowdown: Can you talk about how you and your co-founder came up with this idea?

Rodrigo: The genesis of the project comes from a personal pain point.  As my wife and I added more responsibility and routine to our relationship, we learned that the spark and fire in a relationship naturally fades away. Subscription commerce is a great way to instill romance and intimacy in a relationship with new experiences every month.

StartupLowdown: The benefit Déjàmor would bring to couples either in long-term relationships or are married is clear; what’s your pitch to the newer couples?
Rodrigo: Newer couples greatly benefit form using Déjàmor, because such couples have the most to learn from each other in terms of building deeper intimacy and communication. Our experiences help newer couples explore new romantic and intimate boundaries together in a fun and creative way.

Expert-curated boxes for him and her

What’s the toughest obstacle your team has faced in starting Déjàmor?

Rodrigo: An important consideration has been, and continues to be, striking the correct balance of playfulness and risque. While America is experiencing a sexual reawakening (e.g., exploding sales 50 Shades of Grey), we also have to be tame enough to attract customers during business hours, investors, and value-added partners.  

StartupLowdown: What’s something unexpected that you’ve learned about life & love, through running Déjàmor    

Rodrigo: With enough guidance and encouragement, men are genuinely interested in romancing their partner. The key is making it easy, fun, convenient.  

StartupLowdown: Just in taking a look at your testimonials page, it’s evident that Déjàmor is making a real impact in couples’ lives. Are there any stories that particularly stick out in your mind?

Rodrigo: We often talk about this in our company. Have you ever heard the story of three brick layers? All three are working on the side of a road, and a person asks, “what are you doing?” The first bricklayer, looking tired and unenthused, says, “I’m laying brick.” The person goes to the second brick layer and asks the same thing. The second bricklayer, looking ragged, says, “I’m laying bricks to feed my family.” The person asks the third bricklayer, who looks excited, and he responds, “I’m building a cathedral.”  
I’m fortunate because I feel like the third bricklayer. When I’m facing a difficult moment in our business, I think back to our customers’ feedback. Then I quickly remember that we’re truly helping couples improve their relationship. It’s a deeply satisfying feeling. For example, one customer recently had a child and noted that romance and intimacy were difficult to maintain in the first year after having a baby. The customer praised Dejamor for helping him and his wife re-ignite their passion through a series of creative experiences.  

StartupLowdown: Rodrigo, it’s been a pleasure. We really appreciate your time and contribution to Startup Lowdown.

Rodrigo: My pleasure. Best of luck with launching the blog!

With Valentines Day on the horizon, it‘s definitely worth some time to go give this startup a look. If you and your significant other are interested in adding some fun to your life, you can find out more about Déjàmor and their subscription service here. You can also follow them on Twitter @LetsDejamor.


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