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The individual I had the privilege of interviewing this month is Lisa Hennessy, an Emmy nominated television executive producer, and more relevant for our purposes, co-founder of DreamJobbing. DreamJobbing is a platform offering users the chance to try out their “dream job”. The process is simple – applicants create a profile and short video about why they feel they should be selected for a particular dream job. After applications are in, votes are gathered and a winner is selected.

Whether it be a backup singer for a rock icon, photojournalist in an exotic country, or culinary explorer of delicious cuisines, DreamJobbing surfaces once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, giving users unforgettable lifelong experiences and a potential kickstart in a new career. Personally, I found it so inspiring to find a company that encourages and facilitates individuals in pursuing their dreams and passions. Keep reading on as Lisa shares about DreamJobbing and what the team there is working to achieve.

Startup Lowdown: Hi Lisa! Thanks for taking time out of your day to speak with Startup Lowdown.  For those of our readers who haven’t heard of it yet, could you give a brief description of what DreamJobbing does?

Lisa: DreamJobbing is an opportunity platform offering unique and epic dream jobs that anyone in the world can apply for by simply submitting an application video. Readers can browse opportunities at

Startup Lowdown: Can you tell us about your own background? What inspired you and your co-founder come up with this idea?

Lisa: My background was in running multiple hit competition shows (Eco-Challenge, Rock Star, Contender, Biggest Loser).  My two co-founders (Alex Boylan and Burton Roberts) and I knew the jobs we’d had could never have been found on a job board or social network, so we created one. Our backgrounds were in technology, TV production, and entrepreneurial ventures, and from those experiences we created DreamJobbing, a multi-platform concept that helps other people land their DreamJob. 

Startup Lowdown: I’ve seen some awesome opportunities on your website (Michael Bolton’s backup singer?!). How do you source your job opportunities?  

Lisa: We work with Celebrities, Brands, Tourism offices and business to come up with amazing opportunities.  The opportunities can be part-time or full-time. 

Startup Lowdown: What is one ideal job opportunity you’d like to be able to offer on DreamJobbing?

Lisa: Our goal is to have something for everyone – offering unique opportunities in entertainment, sports, adventure, travel, fashion, tech, etc.  Currently we are offering an amazing opportunity to be a photojournalist in Norway, which I feel is an incredible one. 

Startup Lowdown: Can you share your favorite story from one of your past winners?

Lisa: Our first DreamJob to go live on the platform was to be an on-air reporter on VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live with host Nick Lachey. The team over at VH1 was so impressed by the hundreds of amazing applicants, that they brought four finalists to New York for an on-air competition. After they chose their winner, the other finalists ended up getting amazing job offers from other companies that had seen them on-air and watched their application video on Just by putting themselves out there and going after their dream, they ended up landing amazing opportunities they didn’t even know existed!

Startup Lowdown: What are a few of the major wins and challenges your team has faced recently?

Lisa: We are winning by just being able to pay it forward and offer these amazing experiences to people around the world.  The biggest challenge is to get the word out globally that these incredible experiences exist.

Startup Lowdown: What are some of your near-term goals for DreamJobbing? Where do you envision DreamJobbing being 5 years down the road?

Lisa: For 2015 we want to launch at least 2 new DreamJobs each month.  We will also be launching a full-time job board this month. In 5 years we want to have helped millions of people change their stories.  Our goal is to grow a large community of people who are inspired and want to help inspire others. 

Startup Lowdown: What are the most important learnings you’ve picked up through your experience building this company? Since many of our readers are aspiring entrepreneurs, what is your biggest piece of advice people looking to build a new business?

Lisa: It’s important to take the first step and take chances.  What was a kernel of an idea 16 months ago has turned into a global platform through hard word and commitment.  In regards to advice, it’s really important to give building a business your full 24/7 focus.  With the right idea and team anything is possible!

Startup Lowdown: Lisa, I just want to thank you again for the time you’ve taken to answer our questions. I think what you and your team over at DreamJobbing are doing is awesome and inspired. Please let us know if there’s anything Startup Lowdown can do to help the cause!

To learn more about DreamJobbing, or even apply to one yourself, you can visit the links below:



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